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Shopify App and Theme Development tutorials for those who are familiar with code and want to dive into Shopify.

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Shopify Sections : The What, Where, When, and How

If you have played around with metafield editor extensions, explored shortcodes, and created content editing Shopify apps you may be a part of a group wondering - how can you give the shop owner more control over shop customization and still maintain an intuitive admin system. We've got one word for you: Sections.

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The Javascript SDK Part 1: Displaying Products on an External Site

include your product on other sites (maybe you run a blog and want to have a featured product purchaseable from a sidebar) or do not need a full-blown shop right away. This is where the Shopify Javascript SDK comes in.

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Using Gulp For Sass Compilation - Allows for Sass Partials with Liquid Tags ๐Ÿ™Œ

We are going to be using gulp to do a couple of different things: compile our scss, autoprefix any properties that need it, rename our compiled scss file to styles.scss.liquid, and allow for addition of Liquid tags in our partials

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Shopify Development Flow - SASS, Compass, and Liquid

Now that youโ€™re all set up to code Shopify you may be happy to know that you can write in scss and thereโ€™s a precompiler already built in! You may be sad to find out that Shopify only supports having 1 scss file (styles.scss) and that you canโ€™t take advantage of breaking your code out into partials for organization. This is where compass comes in to save the day.

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Switching from Themekit to Slate

Things at Shopify are always developing quickly and one of the latest developments is a command line tool to help theme developers develop quickly as well (๐Ÿ˜‰), Slate.

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Advanced grid layouts with the cycle tag

In this post we'll use the cycle tag to create an advanced image grid layout. Cycle allows you to loop through a group of strings and outputs them in the order that they were passed as parameters...

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Local Shopify Development with Slate

Shopify is a closed ecosystem. This in part means that in order to access the data from your Shopify store you need to serve your theme files through Shopify...

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Shopify Sections with Dynamic Blocks

Shopify sections have been such a wonderful addition to creating interesting and unique online stores. They allow developers to create styled blocks that can be modified by the store's admins.

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