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🎉 We've created 2 new video tutorial series

One is about integrating React directly into your Shopify theme.

The other is about creating a full Shopify app with Polaris React components.

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Code Shopify


Shopify App and Theme Development tutorials for those who are familiar with code and want to dive into Shopify.


Adding to cart with ajax

In this tutorial we'll be adding an ajax cart to create more seamless user experience for our Shopify store.

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Building a Store with React - Step 2

In this tutorial we are going to set up products with their available options. This will allow shoppers to select the product configuration they want. One step closer to adding products to the cart 🙌

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Testing Shopify Authenticated Controllers with RSPEC (Rails)

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Create Discounts in a Shopify App

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Setting Up a Shopify Embedded App with Rails

Shopify embedded apps are a wonderful way to extend the functionality of your store and provide a seamless experience for the vendor. In this post we will go over how to set up a private embedded app with Ruby on Rails and add it to your store.

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Building a Store with React - Step 1

Using Shopify's new GraphQL API, the Storefront API, to make a store that is Shopify on the backend and entirely React on the front end - Step 1

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Adding Related Products to the Product Page with Vue.js

A big win for clients is having related or recommended products right on the product page. A big win for developers is being able to make the recommended products dynamic with the combo of Vue.js and metafields.

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Theme Customization - The Settings File

When creating a theme to sell, or even just one for a client, it's nice to be able to give the end user the ability to customize the store a little. Shopify offers a simple yet extensive way to do this with the settings_schema.json file.

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Theme Customization - Implementing Your Settings

In this post we will discuss how to access theme settings and integrate them while developing a custom theme

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